“Our goal is to assist our clients in as many ways as possible by creating a multifaceted business solution”

Summit Capital Partners Supports Your Business!

At Summit Capital Partners, we provide a variety of professional services that give our clients the ability to run their businesses more effectively and efficiently. Our goal is to assist our clients in as many ways as possible, by creating a multifaceted business solution that reduces the amount of overhead. By doing this, our clients are able to keep their operating costs low, increase revenue, ultimately, increasing their profit margins. We offer our client’s anything from Working Capital, Equipment Financing and Merchant Services.

Ultimately, it is our goal to become not just a major asset, but to be one more tool in building the future growth and success of their business while maintaining long lasting relationships.

Financing and Working Capital

Qualifying for a small business loan in today’s economy is difficult, but a business cash advance can be an easy alternative. Securing a typical business loan can cause undue stress to a small business owner due to the excessive paperwork, lengthy review process, low approval rates, collateral and personal guarantees for security, fixed monthly payments and restrictions related to use of funds.

By comparison, our business cash advance products offer a streamlined process, that provide immediate access to unsecured funding from $2,500-$500,000. You will further benefit from high approval rates, minimal credit requirements and a flexible repayment process, which is directly tied to your business' sales volume. All of these features will provide you with immediate access to working capital that you can use for any business purpose including cash flow issues for the company at the time you need them most.

Merchant Services

Summit Capital Partners’ innovative approach is leading the way to the next generation of commerce through technology and our superior customer service. We offer a range of bank card processing through Terminal Based Businesses, Virtual Terminals and POS Systems. All you have to do is fill out our brief application and you can be approved in fewer than 48 hours!
Services Provided:

  • Terminal with new account
  • Online access to account
  • No Statement fee
  • No Setup fee
  • No Application fee

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What We Do

  • Guaranteed lowest card processing rates
  • 24 Hour Approval on Applications
  • No Application or Setup Fees to Get Started
  • 24/7 Toll-Free Customer & Tech Support
  • Free AMEX and Discover Card Setup
  • Comprehensive Merchant Fraud Protection
  • Online Account Reporting
  • Next Day Deposits Available